Are You a Good Feminist? – Take the Test!

Feb 18, 2016 by

There’s an little debate these days about what makes a good feminist, so I figured the easiest way to settle the dispute was to have every feminist hopeful take a test to see how she measures up.

So, do you measure up? Let’s find out!  Take the test, keep score as you go, and find out whether you’re a Super, So-So or Sorry Feminist!

QUESTION 1: Do you support other women, even if they are competitive in your field?

  • Yes (1 pt)
  • No (0 pts)

QUESTION 2: Do you read fashion magazines?

  • Yes, but at least I’m reading something, right? (1 pt)
  • No, I’d never read that tripe. In fact, any woman who reads that should be ashamed of herself (1 pt)
  • Yeah… but I also read Wired and National Geographic, so what’s your point? (3 pts)

QUESTION 3: When asked to smile by a man on the street do you:

  • Just smile and get it over with (1 point)
  • Ignore him (1 point)
  • Run away crying (0 points).
  • Offer him a deal. Suggest that if he can do something worthy of making you smile, he shall be rewarded with one up close and personal view of your spectacular pearly whites. However, should he fail to amuse you he must sign a contract (that you just happen to have in your bag) swearing that he will never again suggest that any woman should perform any action purely for his amusement. Should he fail to honor this contract he may be visited with a fresh tattoo Lisbeth Salander style. (5 points)

QUESTION 4: Did you/Would you take your husband’s name?

  • Yes, he’s my husband, that’s what a good wife does (1 pt).
  • No, I am no man’s possession (1 pt).
  • No, I like my name, and his… not so much. Personally, I think he should take my name (2 pts).
  • Yes, because either way I’m using a man’s name, my father’s or my husbands, but I like the simplicity of sharing one name with my husband and children, and besides, our names sound good together.  (2 pts)

QUESTION 5: Did you/Will you give up your career to be a stay at home mom?

  • Yes, a mother’s place is at home with her children, not at work letting someone else raise the most important thing she’ll ever do. (1 pt)
  • No, a woman’s place is at work, being a productive member of society and an example to her children that women shouldn’t just give up everything they’ve been working for their whole lives just to stay home and watch talk shows all day.(1 pt)
  • This is really none of your business. Whatever I choose to do will be because it’s the best choice for me and my family. (4 pts)

QUESTION 6: Who are you voting for?

  • Hillary (5 pts)
  • Bernie (5 pts)
  • I don’t vote (well, you also don’t get any points – 0 pts)
  • GOP all the way! (2 pts – don’t complain, with this year’s lineup you’re lucky to get the two points you got)

Now add up all your points.

Did you do it?

Yes? Then you failed the test, because no self respecting feminist would ever let any other person determine her value, no matter what their pedigree or what is (or isn’t) between their legs.

Check yourselves ladies. Either you believe and trust in a woman’s right and ability to make her own decisions, or you don’t. It’s that simple.

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