Pandemic Playdates

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I MUST start by insisting that I am not an doctor, scientist or an expert on COVID-19 in any other way, I am simply a parent who has tried her best to keep informed about best practices for protecting myself and my family during this pandemic. It would be impossible for me to guarantee the health of anyone who wishes to participate in these playdates, I can only promise that I want my family to stay healthy as much as you do yours. This is my long-winded way of saying that we are all doing this at our own risk, and until such time as we can prove otherwise, we should assume that anyone outside our home is an asymptomatic carrier and use precautions accordingly. While I will provide links and advice for how I've handled our playdates here in my home, you need to take into account your risk factors, the risk factors of your family members, local and statewide policies for your area and the trajectory of the disease spread in your community. If you agree to all of the above then click on the button below and let's get to it.