The Worry Tree – The River

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The Worry Tree – A River Journey

(NOTE: Take a few deep breaths yourself before beginning, find your zen girl (or guy) and speak in a soothing, slow rhythm)

Close your eyes and take a deep, slow breath. As your tummy fills with air you’ll feel it go all the way down to your toes and with every big deep breath you’ll feel more and more relaxed and calm. From your toes all the way up to your shoulders, every breath relaxes you until  you feel your whole body relax, like you’re resting on a cloud. Even your head feels light and airy as you breathe each breath.

You are walking along the banks of a river, the ground feels like a sponge, pressing and squishing against your feet with each step. The air is crisp and cool, but the sun is keeping you warm as it shines down upon your shoulders. As you walk, you come upon a raft waiting along the river’s edge. You climb on the raft and it begins to gently float down the river. The gentle swaying motion of the raft is so relaxing you decide to lay down and stare up at the deep blue sky as you float down the lazy river. Clouds dapple the sky and the sun warms your skin. You let your fingers dangle over the edge, tickling the cool water as you glide over it. As you coast down the river you hear the wind rustling the leaves of the trees. Birds chirp nearby, but always the sounds of the river keeps coming back to you. The little popping sounds of the water lapping up against your raft, the whooshing sounds of the powerful stream carrying you over the earth. This is your raft on your river, and it can go anywhere you want to go, but today it’s taking you to the Worry Tree.

The raft gradually comes to a stop against the shore and you recognize this place – you’re at the edge of the forest near your worry tree. You climb off your raft and step into the shade of your forest, grateful for the coolness of it. This forest is not dark, it is speckled with sunlight coming through the branches of the trees. Following your familiar path through the trees, you see and hear all the happy animals living in the forest. Birds are chirping in the branches. Bunnies are rustling through the bushes. Deer walk calmly between the trees. All the animals feel safe here, just like you do.

The sunlight is getting brighter as you approach the edge of the forest, where you know your Worry Tree awaits. The path is leading you right towards it. As you come out of the forest you see your friend The Worry Tree, so big and strong. You are always safe here with your worry tree.  You look around to find a place to rest your body after your adventure. You can lay under the tree and look up at the sky through all of its branches. Or perhaps you want to lean against its big strong trunk. You can climb up into it’s branches, where you will find a place that fits your body perfectly, holding you safe, high above the ground. Or maybe you want to lie in the hammock that is gently swaying beneath the tree.  You pick your favorite spot and go there.

Now, I want you to tell The Worry Tree one of your worries. Don’t say it out loud so I can hear it, say it inside your head so only The Worry Tree can hear it. When you say your worry to The Worry Tree, it comes out of your mouth, goes into The Worry Tree’s big strong trunk, up through it’s branches and into the leaves. Then it sets those leaves free so they can float away in the wind. Every worry you share with The Worry Tree, no matter how big it is or how many you have, will go into it’s big strong trunk, up through it’s branches and then be released into the wind. Your worries don’t bother The Worry Tree at all, It’s so big and strong, nothing worries The Worry Tree. So tell that tree as many worries as you need to until they’re all gone.

 Now I’m going to give you a kiss and hug good night, and when I leave you can continue to tell The Worry Tree your worries, and they will go into it’s big strong trunk, up through the branches and into the leaves, floating off into the sky.

When you’re all done, you get to decide what you want to do next… maybe you want to stay and sleep in The Worry Tree, feeling the strength of its branches keeping you safe all night long. Or maybe you want to continue your adventure, because anywhere you go in Worry Tree Land is safe, nothing bad can happen to you. And if you start to worry about scary things again, just come back to your worry tree, it will always be here. Just tell it your worries, they will go into its big strong trunk, up through its branches and into the leaves, and they will float off into the sky.


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