Screen Free September

Aug 31, 2017 by

We are getting ready for Screen Free September! “What’s that?” you say. Well, it’s a month without screens, of course. My...

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Tumblr Weed

Mar 8, 2016 by

I’m not naive.  I know I live in world where online discourse all too frequently devolves into insults and name-calling....

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Are You a Good Feminist? ̵...

Feb 18, 2016 by

Do you pass muster as a feminist? Take our test to find out.

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Flipping the Bird

May 4, 2014 by

I got flipped the bird, and decided to return the favor with a different sort of bird.

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The Worry Tree – The Riv...

Jan 19, 2014 by

A river journey to our old pal, The Worry Tree

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Kill ‘Em With Kindness

Dec 1, 2013 by

A little food, and wine, and vodka, for thought on the twitter-splosion between Elan Gale and the Super Scary Lady in 7A

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The Worry Tree – Getting...

Nov 24, 2013 by

A painless remedy for bedtime anxieties and nightmares.

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A Little Flash of Flesh –...

Jul 9, 2013 by

Every now and then a video or blog post pops up as a reminder to women everywhere that feeding our children, BREAST feeding our...

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May 12, 2013 by

There are cool moms, and then there are coooooool moms.

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Laugh of the Day: FOR THE TREK...

May 7, 2013 by

Laugh long and prosper, my friends.

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Cyber Bullies Get Schooled

Apr 16, 2013 by

The Nerds fight back, only this time they’re showing the cyber bullies who’s really the boss of cyberland.

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Car Chats: Complications of Po...

Apr 15, 2013 by

How a discussion with my son about population took a sudden turn.

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Love is…

Mar 27, 2013 by

The only choice we can truly make in life is how we love, not who we love.

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Gangster Gardeners

Mar 27, 2013 by

When this man encourages his neighbors to steal his hard work, you’ve gotta wonder exactly what’s going on.

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CRAFTY: Craft/Card Table

Mar 26, 2013 by

Turn your dining room table into a craft table or card table that cleans up in mere minutes.

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